Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding Sales & the Psychology of Selling

    • Overview

    • What actually is Sales?

    • Understanding Buyer Motivation

    • Understanding Seller Motivation

    • The Psychology of the Salesperson

    • Understanding the Basic Psychology of Selling

    • The Need to be Understood

    • The Psychology of the Fear of Loss

    • Psychological Tips to Boost Sales

    • Understanding how you Influence the Final Outcome

    • Summary

  • 2

    Developing Sales Skills

    • Overview

    • The Essential Sales Skills that Everybody Needs

    • How to Develop those Skills by Yourself

    • Pitfalls you Need to Avoid

    • The Difference it will Make to your Sales Record

    • Summary

  • 3

    Sales Talk – Understanding the Jargon

    • Overview

    • The Importance of Sales Talk.

    • The Role of Jargon.

    • The Key Terms Everybody Should be Aware of.

    • Terms to Avoid Using.

    • Summary

  • 4

    The Evolution of Professional Sales

    • Overview

    • The Origin of Professional Sales

    • The Evolution of Sales Through the Times

    • Its Current Status

    • Where is it Heading?

    • Summary

  • 5

    The Skills you Need to Succeed at Selling

    • Overview

    • The Role Having These Skills will Play

    • The Key Skills you Cannot do Without

    • How to Identify your Weak Spots

    • How to Improve those Missing Skills

    • Summary

  • 6

    Setting and Achieving Goals

    • Overview

    • The Importance of Setting Goals

    • How to Set Fair Goals to Push yourself

    • How to Create a Plan to Achieve those Goals

    • How to Deal with Issues Preventing you Achieving your Goals

    • Summary

  • 7

    Understanding the Selling Process

    • Overview

    • The Importance of the Selling Process

    • The Steps of the Selling Process

    • Understanding where Things can go Wrong

    • The Result of Understanding the Process

    • Summary

  • 8

    Prospecting and Lead Generation

    • Overview

    • The Importance of Quality Prospecting and Lead Generation

    • Basic Steps to Find the Best Leads

    • What to Avoid when Prospecting

    • How to Take Action on the Leads

    • Summary

  • 9

    Preparing to Sell

    • Overview

    • The Reasons why you Need to Prepare to Sell

    • What Happens if you do not Prepare?

    • How to Prepare Yourself

    • Putting the Steps into Action

    • Summary

  • 10

    Writing Sales Proposals

    • Overview

    • The Importance of a Good Sales Proposal

    • Key Points to Include in your Sales Proposal

    • The General Structure to Follow

    • What to Avoid in a Sales Proposal

    • Summary

  • 11

    Making Your Sales Pitch

    • Overview

    • Preparing for your Sales Pitch

    • How to Perfectly Deliver your Pitch

    • The Pitfalls that you Must Avoid

    • How to Improve your Pitch and Keys to Look for

    • Summary

  • 12

    The Power of Influence & Motivating People to Buy

    • Overview

    • The Importance of Influence and Motivating People to Buy

    • How to Influence and Motivate without People Objecting

    • The Key Mistakes you have to Avoid Making

    • How to Turn Things Around to your Advantage

    • Summary

  • 13

    Negotiating and the Concept of the Three P's

    • Overview

    • The Key Points to Focus on when Negotiating

    • The Key Points to Avoid when Negotiating

    • The Concept of the Three P’s

    • When to Know to Stop Negotiating

    • Summary

  • 14

    Handling Objections and Overcoming Barriers to a Sale

    • Overview

    • How Objections can Occur in the First Place

    • How to Handle those Objections and Turn Things Around

    • How to Overcome Most Barriers to a Sale

    • Pitfalls you Need to Avoid

    • Summary

  • 15

    Effective Closing

    • Overview

    • The Importance of Closing at the Right Time

    • How to Close a Deal

    • How to Handle Things that are Going Wrong

    • What to do After Closing the Deal

    • Summary

  • 16

    Following Up, the Importance of Aftercare and Developing the Relationship

    • Overview

    • What is Generally Included in the Following Up Procedure?

    • Why Aftercare is so Important and what to do

    • How you can Develop the Perfect Relationship

    • Key Points on how to Potentially Develop Further Business

    • Summary

  • 17

    Cold Calling

    • Overview

    • The Rules and Regulations of Cold Calling

    • How to be Effective with Cold Calling

    • How to Handle Objections

    • How to Move it from a Cold Call to a Sale

    • Summary

  • 18

    Sales Tools and Technology

    • Overview

    • How to use Sales Tools and Technology to your Advantage

    • The Key Sales Tools to have at your Disposal

    • The Way to use Technology to Make Life Easier

    • Mistakes to Avoid Regarding this Form of Help

    • Summary

  • 19

    Managing a Sales Team

    • Overview

    • The Basics of a Sales Team and your Position

    • The Important Characteristics you Need to Have

    • How to Run a Sales Team to the Best of its Ability

    • Dealing with the Issues of a Sales Team

    • Boosting the Productivity of the Sales Team

    • Summary

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