Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Body Language

    • Overview

    • Non-Verbal Communication

    • Body Language

    • Body Language Basics

    • The Study of Body Language

    • Definition of Body Language

    • A Closer Look at the Role of the Brain in the Science of Body Language

    • The Importance of Gaining Insights into Body Language

    • Interpreting Body Language as Part of Other Non-verbal Communication

    • Common Technical Terms

    • Summary

  • 2

    Dimensions and Attributes

    • Overview

    • Introduction

    • Parallels between Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

    • Conventional Dimensions of Non-verbal Communication

    • A Closer and Detailed Look at Proxemics

    • Other Important Non-Verbal Feedback Signals

    • Primary Functions of Non-Verbal Communication

    • How Men and Women practice Body Language Perception

    • Summary

  • 3

    Basics of Body Language (Part I)

    • Overview

    • Introduction

    • Dissecting Communication into its different Components

    • Body Language as a Faithful Reflection of Emotions

    • How Body Language is learned

    • Three Important Rules for Correct Body Language Interpretation

    • The difference between Practicing Studied Positive Body Language and Faking it

    • How to Interpret Legs Positioning

    • Summary

  • 4

    Basics of Body Language (Part 2)

    • Overview

    • Introduction

    • Leg Positions

    • Common Gestures observed in Everyday Life

    • Mirroring Body Language

    • An experiment proves our natural propensity to mirror others.

    • Summary

  • 5

    Hand Gestures and Introduction to Handshakes

    • Overview

    • Introduction

    • The Significance of Hands in Body Language

    • Hand Gestures

    • Palm Gestures

    • How the Law of Cause and Effect works with Respect to Body Language

    • Different Types of Handshakes and what they reveal about your Personality

    • Etiquette of Handshakes

    • Summary

  • 6

    Different Types of Handshakes and Crossed Arm Postures

    • Overview

    • Introduction

    • How Control, Submission and Dominance are conveyed through Handshakes

    • Steps to Counter a Palm Down or Dominant Handshake

    • Different Types of Handshakes

    • How to Shake Hands the Right Way

    • Arm Cross Signals and their Significance in Body Language

    • Intricate Nuances of the Arm Cross

    • Summary

  • 7

    Eye Signals and Eye Contact

    • Overview

    • Introduction

    • Eye Contact and Signals during Face-to-Face Communication

    • Eye Pupils and their Significance in Communication

    • Different Types of Gazing Behavior

    • Different Types of Eye Contact

    • Gazing

    • Other Types of Eye Contact

    • Tips for Making Eye Contact with a Group

    • Summary

  • 8

    Gestures and Postures that reveal Deceit and Lies

    • Overview

    • Introduction

    • An Introduction to Lies and Lying Behavior

    • Changes in Breathing Patterns

    • Facial Expressions that Indicate Lying Behavior

    • Summary

  • 9

    Body Language for Career Success

    • Overview

    • Introduction

    • Tips to Improve Career Success by using the Right Body Language

    • The Art and Science of Smiling

    • Types of Smiles.

    • Body Language Tips for Aspiring Job Seekers

    • Body Language Mistakes that can Spoil your Chances of Landing a Dream Job

    • Summary

  • 10

    Cross-Cultural Interpretations of Body Language, Common Gestures and Postures in Daily Life

    • Overview

    • Introduction

    • Cross Cultural Body Language Interpretations

    • Important body language differences across cultures

    • Proxemics across Cultures

    • Key to Understanding Body Language in Personal Relationships and Marriage

    • Common Gestures and Expressions that we come across in Daily Life / The Fundamental Head Positions

    • Summary

    • Take a Recap Test